Put It All Back Together

"You’re not the first soldier I’ve plucked from the field. They all feel the same."

spn + reapers

  • SPN Season 1: Let's use Christo to find out if they're a demon
  • SPN Seasons 2-4: Let's exorcise all demons to save their vessels
  • SPN Seasons 5-9: Lol let's stab the guy and see if he glows when he dies


remember when they used to joke around wow those were the days

1.15 The Benders - Scenery


supernatural is just way too big

it’s like they’ve already done the apocalypse and now think they have to keep making things broader and broader but instead they’re making the gravity of small things less important. they’re chopping through monsters like individual lives don’t matter anymore, and the implication seems to be that not only is life and death not permanent, but it’s not important

they’re killing greek gods and jumping from earth to purgatory to hell to heaven and nothing matters anymore. it’s all a mile wide and an inch deep.

i’m kinda missing “look out for your sibling; find the gray areas between good and evil, figure out where you stand. save lives.”


"Where’s your Alpha, Mowgli?"

I just had to scroll back up because I realized these aren’t in the Same show


driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole | listen

I really liked the sam/crowley scenes and i’m so excited about crowley being addicted to human blood (maybe just sam’s blood? because he didn’t take kevin’s). And i liked it that sam saw it??? I wish i could see something come out of it cause like sam can relate a bit? And its his blood crowley’s using? Idk id just like to see them have a connection through this

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